Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Crack

We're using a pacifier with The Boy. The Wife & I were reluctant to use it at first, because we've all heard the horror stories of people trying to get their 3-year-old to get rid of the pacifier. But, my mother-in-law introduced it to him on his first day of life, and he seems to derive comfort from it.

Actually, that's why I call it "Baby Crack." The look on his face when he starts sucking on the pacifier is similar to the look a crackhead gets on his face when he takes a much-delayed hit. His eyes kind of roll back, his chin goes up in the air and his arms go limp for a second, in an "Oh My GOD" kind of moment. It's very cute, even if it's disturbing that my son seems to be addicted to something at such a young age.

Although, I shouldn't say that. He never sucks on his pacifier for longer than a minute or two. At that point, he loses interest, and it falls out of his mouth. Sometimes he wants it back in, and we play the "keep putting the pacifier back in The Boy's mouth" game; sometimes he just doesn't care, and the pacifier just stays away. Sleeping with the pacifier is not an issue, as it's never in his mouth long enough.

My wife has been adamant about not allowing The Boy into his crib with a pacifier in his mouth. We also just discovered that the American Society of Pediatricians, in 2005, discovered that babies who sleep with a pacifier have a dramatically lower incidence of SIDS. So, if it becomes an issue, we'll trust the scientists.

Today has been a pretty good day. The Boy didn't fall asleep easily last night - after a LONG rest from about 7:30PM until almost 1AM, he didn't fall asleep until nearly 3:45, which left me with a total of 2 hours' sleep before M left for work. Lucky me. But, he fell back asleep after Mommy left, until almost 8:30! He ate and hung out for an hour with me. He was very active - kicking & flailing away, looking at me, smiling and beating me a little bit with his little fists. This is among the first times that he's reached out intentionally for me! I'm pretty darn happy about that.

Anyway, he let me nap for another hour after that (bringing my total sleep to approximately five hours) before we went for a walk. The Boy's similar to my wife - they both get REALLY antsy when they're home all day. We went to the post office to mail thank-you notes, then we went to the comic book store for my weekly fix. It started raining on the way home, so I ran most of the way, which didn't let him nap much.

Today, he had two fits of crying for no discernable reason. Both lasted approximately five minutes (although they felt like an hour). He was well-fed, burped, clean diaper, new clothes, etc. He does that every once in a while - that full-body, every-muscle-tense, veins-in-his-forehead scream - for no other reason than to exped energy or to express his liveliness. I've learned to just deal with it. I hold him close, hug him every once in a while, and give him kisses on the cheek or the head, but the only remedy is for the discomfort to go away (pooping helps) and time.

No marching band this afternoon. He's asleep on my lap right now. I wonder if I can get a twenty-minute nap in, before M gets home.

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