Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Quirks

It's interesting, watching him develop his own personality as time is passing. I understand that, at six weeks, he really doesn't have anything in terms of conscious thoughts (at least, in the terms that we understand conscious thoughts) or understandings, but he definitely seems to be developing his own set of preferences, desires and amusements.

He's been really good with his bouncy chair all week. He sits in it and looks around the room, kicking his feet contentedly. Frequently, he notices that kicking his feet results in the chair moving and in the toys attached to the chair swinging about; this is entertaining to him. He smiles as his toys and kicks more when he sees them. (He doesn't always see them, or they don't always amuse him - likely a combination of both. He's a little ADD, like his parents.) This morning, he was in his bouncy chair while I was cooking & eating breakfast. When I finished, I picked up as I was reading the newspaper. He yelled at me for picking him up, because, when I put him back in his chair, he stopped crying and went back to doing whatever it was that he was doing. His bouncy chair is his favored place for naps.

He's an interesting sleeper, in his crib. Starting from the first night that he came home, he's been a side-sleeper. He turns himself onto his side - most frequently his left side - and falls asleep. Friends didn't believe me when I told them that, at three days old, he could turn onto his side. Also, in his crib, he started spinning himself around and moving. More often than not, when we pick him up for a feeding, his feet are pushed between the crib slats. In prior weeks - it hasn't happened in a while - we'll find his arms and legs through different slats, contentedly chewing on the crib slats.

He likes sitting up, when my hand is across his chest propping him erect. He will grab on to my fingers or other parts of my hand / arm when I'm holding him like that.

The Boy has been having lots of success finding his mouth with his fingers or his thumb lately. This is good, I think, because I'd rather have him on his thumb than on the pacifier. He will occasionally drag my finger, or the side of my hand, to his mouth to chew on for a little while.

I'm sure that I'll be mystified, infuriated, amused and frustrated as time goes on. But, right now, it's pretty darn cool.

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