Sunday, October 28, 2007

Band Competition

Usually, I take The Boy with me to marching band practice. This is because The Wife doesn't get home from work until around 3:30, 3:45 and practice starts at 3:15. It's gone well so far, considering that he's two months old and the band is a 90-person marching band. Most days, he eats around 2 o'clock, 2:30 (I leave at 2:45 or 3:00), and by the time that he gets to practice, he's sound asleep. I put him in the front carrier (the thing that straps him to my chest) until Mommy gets there, then I give him to her.

He seems to like marching band just fine (especially since he sleeps through most of his time). The gock block doesn't faze him much - that's the thing that marching bands bang on to get everyone on the same beat. It's loud. It's piercing. It can cut through an entire marching band's performance. Yet, The Boy is not woken by it. When he's awake during rehearsals, he'll have the same reaction everyone else does - move away from its immediate vicinity. The sound of the band playing doesn't frighten him, and he seems to enjoy listening to the music.

He's been to three competitions so far: one to visit, at Scotch Plains HS; one with just me, because Mommy had a singing gig; and one with both of us. He enjoyed the competitions well enough. The Boy seemed to watch the bands on the field and listen to the music. (I don't think that he could actually SEE what's going on, more than blobs of motion on the field, but still.)

Yesterday, he got a little cranky at the competition. Not a big deal - he had been shopping with Mommy for a couple of hours prior to that, and then was toted around all those people and new sounds and new smells. He was overstimulated. So, Mommy fed him, we held him, then packed him up to go home.

In utero, he liked the barbershop competition better than the drum corps one.

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