Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Fairly Normal Day

Slept right through the 4AM feeding this morning. I mean, I was vaguely aware of it, but The Wife took care of The Boy from beginning to end. I was vaguely aware of The Wife getting up an hour later and only became aware when handed a naked baby (save for diaper, natch) a little while later. The Boy 's hated being without clothing since birth; only recently has he stopped shrieking in agony when his diaper's being changed and / or when his outfit's been changed. He will still frequently cry when his clothes are being changed, but that's most likely because I'm not too good at getting clothes over his head without disturbing him.

Anyway, I spent an hour playing with Naked Baby, who was a little overheated when he was handed to me. I put his clothes on when he started to get fussy, and we went out into the living room to watch some tv. We watched the end of Journeyman and half an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! G/X. I ate breakfast as he played in his bouncy chair - he's just figured out that when he kicks his legs, the chair bounces & the toys swing back & forth. That's pretty good, for a six-week-old. He fell asleep after a snack at 8:00 (a double shot - 2 oz - of milk). I signed the life insurance papers when the guy came over, then did some computer work upstairs & down and some straightening up around the house.

The Boy woke up around 9:30, hungry as heck - I know he's hungry because his mouth forms a beautiful "ooo" shape (can you tell I've been singing for a few years?), and his tongue begins working with bottle nipple. He drank a full bottle of milk, then fussed for about a half hour, a combination of a gas bubble and a need to poop. Once his business was done, around 10:30, he fell asleep. I turned on an episode of Angel (thank you, TiVo) and fell asleep on the couch, right next to his bouncy seat. Woke up when TiVo beeped at us, then packed the PS3 to be sent back for repairs. Drove to the UPS store to drop that off, stopped by Best Buy to see if they had the new Mark Knopfler album - they didn't. Wasted trip, which was annoying because the idiots were out driving.

Came home, lifted. The Boy was pretty happy while I did squats & stiff-legged deadlifts; not so much during the bench press. We had a nice moment during that part, when I picked him up. He was brightly looking at me, smiling that gorgeous toothless smile and singing his one vowel ("eh") at me. It was a precious, priceless moment that I'm sure I will treasure for a long time. Then he got fussy and yelled at me when I put him down. Workout ended around 2:20, he went in his crib while I showered and dress (he hated that), and we left the house at 2:55.

At marching band at 3:15, put him in the carrier and started rehearsal. He fell asleep in the car ride over, stayed asleep in the carrier as I moved around the field. No biggie - not too hot, not too cold today, just comfy for Daddy & Baby. Mommy came to pick him up at about 3:40, then I finished marching band, went to chorus rehearsal and got home around 11:15. I've been mucking about on the computer since, although The Boy joined me about a paragraph and a half ago. His lying across my lap, sucking on his pacifier and farting contentedly.

Like mother, like son.