Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm entirely torn about the holiday of Hallowe'en. On one hand, it seems to be fun, dressing the little ones in costumes and going to meet the neighbors. The holiday or All Saints Day and All Hallows' Eve are solemn religious obligations concerning sending the deceased relatives on their way back to the afterlife. On the other hand, sending the children out to beg for candy from the neighbors seems somewhat undignified, and the holidays themselves are not scriptural but pagan-based.

The Boy looks REALLY cute in the pumpkin costume that my brother sent out from Cally. It's even got a cute hood with a little green stem on the hood, and it's warm enough to keep him happy (...despite the fact that it was, like, 70-something degrees today). That's something that I want to show off.

I just don't like the fact of the trick-or-treating. I think I'd rather have people over our house for a party. Of course, that'd be The Wife's party, because I have obscene marching band responsibilities. But, still.

I don't know. What do you think?


the mol said...

Costume efforts by the big kids were lame. Really. When I was old enough to be too old for trick-or-treating, I'd make darned sure I had a good costume. Although we went Halloween caroling...

Also, why don't most kids even bother to say "trick or treat?"

JENN said...

your a dork.

as a really little kid david will not understand the concept of halloween but like the candy and cool clothes. and then in elementary school he'll think that it's, like, the coolest thing. in middle school he'll try to pretend that he's too cool, but don't be fooled, he still loves it and wants the food. and then in high school he'll pretend he's trick or treating to be bad-ass, but in fact, he will put effort and thought into his costume (as your kid-perhaps a pop culture or political reference) and go out at night in the hopes of meeting up with the attractive random girls wearing small costumes (you used to work at a high school- you know the tiny costumes these girls wear.)

he's such a cutie. i can't wait to help him get into trouble when he gets older and i'm pumped about rutgers!