Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Being Played... a big bass fiddle. Actually, considering that The Wife plays bass fiddle, I make a medium-sized bass fiddle. I'm as tall as one, but not as wide as one.


So, The Boy and I get out of bed this morning at about 7:30-ish. He actually fell back asleep in his crib after the 6AM, pre-leaving-for-work Mommy Feeding. (...can't leave the boob at home, so she tops him off before leaving...) He wakes up at 7:15-ish, and we play in my bed until he starts getting hungry.

What do we play? Lots of games. The "tummy-time, climb on Daddy" game. The "standing baby!" game. The "Daddy's gonna eat your fingers / toes / nose" game. The "sitting up baby" game. The "attacking spider-hand" game. Basically, anything that involves encouraging him
to grab my hand or arm or nose or beard, and / or anything that encourages him to
keep his head held high and strengthen those neck muscles.

At 7:30 (20 minutes ago), we came out into the living room, with The Boy screaming bloody murder because of hunger. I put him in his bouncy chair while I went to prepare his bottle. I came in about 5 minutes later, and he was bouncy happily, grinning at the toys on his chair. I approach a little closer to him, and he starts screaming with hunger. I leave to get the bottle, and he starts smiling and playing again.

Anyone sensing something amiss? I call shenanigans.

He's still in his seat, although I moved it off of the area rug and onto the hardwood, where the seat can move a little freer. The bottle is sitting in a coffee mug full of warm water, and The Boy is now fully asleep. So, I'm going to join him, hopefully wake in an hour and feed him.

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