Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

Captured the first picture today of The Boy actually LOOKING at the camera - like, comprehending that it is an entity worthy of attention. The picture was taken just as he finished a smile, so he's got this kind-of open-mouthed smirk - students and friends will recognize the expression as the one that I wear when I'm about to say something that's going to get me in trouble.

(God help this poor boy. Between his mother and myself, he's doomed to be a REAL wiseass. With luck, he'll inherit his mother's relative self-restraint instead of his father's combination of moral indignity and lack of brain filter.)

He does smile a lot, relatively speaking, and it's nice to see. Scratch that - it's frakking awesome to see. When he looks at me and smiles, my entire body melts. I've always been like that around babies, but The Boy just drags even MORE out of me.

Today was an okay day, except for the fact that he & I didn't interact very much. Mommy left for work at 6:30 like usual, and he & I hung out until he fell asleep at 7. We slept until 8:30, when he got hungry again (he loves those 8AM breakfasts), then he hung out in his chair for an hour.

By hung out, I mean that he spent lots of time kicking the chair to make it move, as well as getting a diaper change, walking around with Daddy for a bit, and that sort of thing.

At 9:30, he got REALLY fussy, just as I was starting on some computer things. Took the time to finish off my work situation, then fed him at 10:00. Left to run an errand at 10:30, and he fell right asleep in the car. The car, incidentally, is the Nuclear Weapon of sleep tools - it is almost unconditionally guaranteed to calm a newborn. He slept through the errand, slept through lunch and packing back at home, and slept through the ride to the babysitter.

So, it was a nice morning for me (because I got lots of extra sleep), but not so nice in terms of interaction with The Boy. Am I wrong to feel more than a little bit disappointed by the fact that I didn't interact with him much today?

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