Monday, October 22, 2007

Sleeping, part 53

...meaning, of course, The Boy's fifty-third night of life, and the fifty-third opportunity to finally learn proper sleeping patterns. Not likely to happen tonight, but we're still holding out hope. Tonight, he went to bed at around 8 o'clock (it's 10 right now); I'm predicting an 11 o'clock and 2 o'clock waking, with a half-hour of guesstimation time on either side.

Babies are wonderful sleeping creations, at the start of life. They really can sleep anywhere at any time, in any position. The Boy seems to be fine with his crib at night; not so much during the day. He'll gleefully nap in his bouncy seat, without necessarily doing the same in the crib. When he's in his car seat, he'll fold himself in half to sleep; it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest to have his head nodded down to his chest. The car seems to put him to sleep instantly; moving him around in the car seat (either by swinging him or through the carriage, which adapts to the car seat) seems to calm and soothe him.

We know that a SIDS prevention thing is not letting them sleep on their stomach in the crib until they're strong enough to turn on their own. Is it a bad thing to have them sleep on their stomach on my / The Wife's stomach? He seems to like it, but that might just be us projecting.

She brought The Boy into bed with us last night after the 3:30AM feeding; mostly because she was feeding him, and they both fell asleep in the middle. I discovered this when I rolled over and felt a lump kick me (REALLY hard) in the stomach. Considering that I heard The Wife in the shower, that kind of narrowed it down a bit. He slept fairly well until about 6:45. The interesting thing about his sleep, right now, is that it's punctuated with brief waking moments that elicit a shout, or a cry, or a whimper from him. He doesn't wake up - doesn't open his eyes, just makes his noise (ten seconds' worth) and falls back asleep.

He's still very cute, however.

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