Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chorus Experience

So, The Wife, tonight, came to my chorus rehearsal (the barbershop chorus - men's a capella chorus - that I direct) to sing the women's part to "Lida Rose," from The Music Man. We're performing it on November 18, with my chorus & her quartet. This is a common piece for both men and women, so no difficulty was expected or experienced. It was interesting to bring The Boy to the chorus rehearsal.

Don't get me wrong - for a 2 month old, he was remarkably well behaved. I shouldn't say that - most two month olds would be well behaved. They don't know enough to misbehave. Pretty much, at The Boy's age, he's usually going to be quiet and cute as long as he's fed, clean and reasonably well-rested. They don't talk, they tend not to cry randomly (it happens sometimes, as I've spoken about earlier, but not often) and they don't need constant feedback and reassurance from an adult. I held The Boy, and he was content.

It's hard to conduct AND hold a baby at the same time. I did well, but The Wife came a few minutes into my conducting and took him from me. Good thing: it forced me to use one and and not be too overly physically dramatic, for fear of dropping him or shaking him. (Not SHAKING HIM like abusive people do - but moving him in a way that causes him to get grumpy.)

The interesting thing was his ear. When chords were held and tuned badly, he gets agitated and starts swinging his little fists around. When chords are sung reasonably well, he's still. When chords are tuned really, really well, he gets excited and starts swinging his little fists around. It's cute.

I do note the irony that the reaction from the baby for doing things well and doing things poorly is the same. There's a difference, and it's visible. It just doesn't translate to text well.

He fell asleep about a half-hour into the rehearsal; Mommy took him home about fifty minutes into the rehearsal. So, all was good. It was a good night.

I wonder if he'll want to sing? Three of the four boys in my family did NOT.

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Paul said...

Baby Tuner. HA!!! LOVE IT!

Wish i could make the show, but 600+ miles is a bit much. Hell, I can't even get clearance from the warden to go out for two shows a month in THIS area!

Got to hit Guardians of Harmony's show and say goodbye to Power Play early next month. They're bringing in Norther Lights, too. Should be great.