Thursday, November 15, 2007

Funny, that rainy day is here...

(Here's That Rainy Day, Burke & Van Heusen, 1953)

The Boy is asleep on my chest right now, having finished a stressful (for him) feeding and diaper change. Love this feeling. He's warm and snuggly, with his arms sprayed out to the sides. Babies are really good for moments like this, because this is a very tranquilizing thing. It's impossible to maintain stress when your baby is relying on you for a sleeping bed.

The Wife decided that, due to a rash on his bum & nether regions, The Boy should use cloth diapers instead of the plastic disposable ones. This will help his pelvis become a more comfortable area, the theory goes, because there's less chemicals and perfumes and stuff that his skin will react with. The sensitive skin comes from me, not from The Wife; my skin breaks out very easily when it encounters harsh detergents, makeup (from the stage, thank you) and other things like that. It looks like he's inherited that, as well; so, we use our Dreft detergent (made for babies! By babies! Out of babies!), no fabric softener, etc.

The cloth diapers come in several varieties. The one that The Wife wants is called the "All In One." I've done no research, so I don't really understand the difference; what I get is that it's a cloth version of a disposable diaper, with a removeable / washable lining that he can poop on. It's supposedly got a nice shape and nice fasteners, so that it's easy and quick to get on and off.

That's not what we have right now. Right now, we have your basic, old fashioned cloth diaper: a rectangular piece of cloth, thicker in the middle (for more absorbency, I'm assuming) that is fastened by folding it in the proper way and pinning it together. We have a dozen pair of rubber pants that fit over the diaper to help prevent leakage from escaping. Not that it works worth a darn, unless you fold the diaper correctly. This skill requires a bit of a learning curve, as the three outfits that the two of us wore yesterday will attest; he peed on me right through the extra absorbency and the rubber pant backup.


The diaper rash, I suppose, is looking better. To be honest, I don't really notice a difference. I will trust Mommy's Intuition, because she's got a MUCH better sense of these sorts of things than I do. This is coming from a guy that continues to hit his head on the same low-hanging things in his parents' house, despite the fact that they've been there for thirty years. So, I trust her and respect her judgement.

What I do know, and this is important for those considering using cloth diapers: The cloth diapers, unlike the disposable diapers, do NOT whisk moisture away from the baby's skin. With a disposable diaper, a little bit of pee or poop is transferred away from the skin, which means that the baby might not even be aware - and will certainly not care - that it's there. With the cloth diapers (at least the ones that we're using right now), that's not the case; the moisture sits there.

I think I've got a handle on it; it just requires more and quicker attention. And, you need a second diaper pail. The first collects the diapers for washing; the second collects the used wipes and such.

The reason that today's changings and feedings have been so stressful for The Boy is the fact that his diapers have been wet for much of the morning. This is very uncomfortable for him; he does not like the wetness around his middle. So, he spent ten minutes screaming like a banshee from a combination of hunger and wetness, while I was trying to heat up his bottle (a Starbucks mug half full of water, microwave for 60 to 90 seconds; put the plastic bottle inside of the hot - not boiling - water, leave it for five minutes) and wrestling with the diaper pins and folding the new diaper. Boy, this boy can REALLY scream! Takes after both of his parents.

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the mol said...

Actually, I think that the pocket diapers or all-in-ones do a better job of taking away the moisture although poo is poo.

The difference between a pocket diaper and an all-in-one is that the pocket diaper has removable inserts, and you can use more than one, whereas the all in one doesn't come apart at all. But the concept of the cover and the diaper being together is still the same.