Thursday, November 8, 2007

He's All Thumbs we sit and watch Batman, The Animated Series (specifically, "Robin's Reckoning," from 2001). That's an amazing cartoon. The writing and the stories are incredibly tight and well-done. The animation is really stylistic and consistent, and the overall tone of the show is as dark as the comics. There's a wonderful mixture of 1930's classic look and modern technology - supercomputers and the internet, with all of the men wearing ties, jackets and hats and the architecture being perfectly suited for the 1930's. Even the crooks, en route to blowing up a building, are still dressed to the nines with snappy bow ties. Classy, to say the least.

The boy has really discovered his thumb lately. Specifically, his right thumb is his sucking implement of choice. He doesn't like the pacifier so much - he'll use it, but rarely for longer than a couple of minutes at a time before he spits it out. Over the last month, he's found his mouth with his fingers quite often, and he has spent quite a bit of time figuring out how much of his fist he can fit inside there. It's really very cute.

Well, this week in particular, he's discovered his thumb, and he's sucking it for all it's worth. In his sleep, in his waking... it's been in his mouth for much of today. I suppose that I'll eventually be worried about that - I've heard legends of front teeth being pushed outwards by the force of the thumb in the mouth, and stories of thumbsucking going on into the teenage years, and stories of sucking on the thumb until it's red, raw and almost bleeding.

My general sense is, when he wants to give it up, he will, and very little will be done before then. I suppose that I'd rather have his calming thing (sucking on the thumb) be easily accessible to him - if he can get to it easily, then I don't worry about having to go into his room twenty times per night to put it back in his mouth. (If he can't find his thumb, that's his problem and not mine.)

It's very cute. Him sucking on his thumb while he naps is currently the wallpaper on my cel phone.

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