Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let's bounce...

The Boy is in his little bouncy-gym thing right now. It's a circular thing, with three posts with a chair hanging from the three posts on elastics, allowing the baby to push off with his feet and bounce up and down. On the chair is a whole bunch of toys and things that rattle, chirp, spin or are squeezed. In addition, there it a blue froggie hanging from one post, and a toucan from the other. It's pretty darn cool.

Of course, the problem is that The Boy's got short legs for his height... and he doesn't weigh a lot, for his height. This means that his feet don't touch the ground. So, I propped a box underneath, and he can reach the ground and make himself bounce by straightening his legs and pushing.

He is absolutely entranced by the blue frog. He has spent the last ten minutes staring at it intently, particularly since it bounces every time that he does. He really seems to like his blue froggie, and every once in a while, he reaches for it and paws at it a little bit. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of reaching for things he wants yet, though. He does it occasionally, but not often. I know this will change, but right now, he's darn cute.

Aww... he just smiled at his froggie, even though he seems a bit mystified as to why it isn't smiling back at him, like Mommy, Daddy & others do. What a great investment that little gym is - about $70-ish from Babies 'R' Us. The box underneath is an activity table that he's too little for - you really need to be able to hold youself upright to play with the table. Next month, maybe.

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