Sunday, November 4, 2007

Marching Band: Over and Done

Congrats to the WHS & PVHS marching bands, who performed admirably this weekend in Allentown, PA. I know that nobody's particularly happy with their scores, but that's life. I'm impressed as all heck by the PVHS band, who REALLY maximized their abilities this year and improved in so many ways... it didn't show in the scores, but... to heck with the judges.

The Wife had The Boy all weekend, with the help of her parents on Saturday. They (TW, her father, my father & TB) came to the football game on Saturday, in the cold & damp & slightly rainy weather, thanks to the hurricane passing to the east of New York. It was neat to have them there, because WHS performed their last pre-championships show. The Boy seems to handle the cold rather well - he doesn't complain in the slightest because of the weather.

Mostly, I suppose, because we dress him appropriately. While there's been a couple of SNAFU along the way, wardrobe-wise, we've been pretty good about making sure that he's well-protected. He stays in the cutest fur-lining for his car seat - with the matching hat, he looks like a furry little teddy bear. He charmed the heck out of the color guard, who spent their pregame warm up time fussing over the baby instead of spinning flags... something I don't necessarily mind, as The Boy likes the attention and the girls need the occasional non-marching-band release.

Then, The Wife had a singing gig for a few hours, leaving The Boy home with Grandma, who relished the opportunity to spend time with the baby. I know, for a fact, that she's going to spoil him rotten over the course of the next few years, which is awesome. They've been nothing short of incredible with us, and I appreciate it immensely.

Today, The Wife had another show, and she took him with her for the day. As you read, he did wonderfully. I offered to take him with me to the marching band - not like there's any shortage of Band Mommies hanging out that wouldn't relish the opportunity for some baby time, particularly when they have the entertainment of passing him off to the Mean Band Instructor for feeding / soothing / changing / all of the above as needed. (Something about changing a diaper seems to make me a little bit less of an &&&hole. I don't see it, personally.) Considering that she was gone for seven hours to my thirteen, she wins.

All this means is that I really didn't get to see my baby this entire weekend. I spent some time with him yesterday morning, and a little bit in putting him to bed at nine, but that's it. I really do miss him when I don't get to spend time with him. I'm extremely aware of the passage of time, and I know that, soon enough, he's going to be a toddler...then a young boy... then in school... middle school... high school... college...

I know, don't get carried away. I just want to enjoy him as a baby for a little while longer.

We're headed away with him this weekend, to our timeshare in Massachusetts. We don't have a travel crib yet; is this something we should look into, or just suck it up & sleep with the baby for the weekend?

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Paul said...

The trick is usually the distraction a baby provides at band rehearsals. Not for you, but for the kids! Every time I brought Liam to rehearsals, the color guard fawned over him and it wasn't easy to pry them away to get back to work.

As an educator - frustrating.
As a father - made me proud as hell!

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