Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, what a night...

I realize that most of my blog postings revolve around sleeping; the rest revolve around pooping, or the receptacles of said actions. That's just baby life. If I was working, I'm sure that I'd be discussing things revolving around work. Since the baby is my full-time job this year, my life revolves around naps, feedings and diaper changings. That's not to say that we don't have fun - we have lots of fun together. We play lots of games, and go for walks (mostly to the comic book store), and go for rides, and read books and watch the occasional tv show. (I don't feel guilty about that yet, because he can't see the screen - although I wonder about baby's vision and hi-def tv, which might be different than your standard 30 frames per second show.)

Today, we separated the laundry and started washing it, then replaced the sheets on the bed. We've been listening to holiday music while pursuing our separate agendum this morning: he's napping and playing in his chair (not at the same time), and I'm doing my classwork. I hate having a silent house when I'm home by myself or with him; it's a little bit freaky. Plus, I don't want him to get used to absolute silence when he sleeps, because I know that that's the time when I'm going to watch my shows or play my games (not to mention conversation / snuggle time with The Wife). I took a brief video of The Boy and sent it to the grandparents, because they need that sort of thing. Here it is:

Last night was a great night, as opposed to Tuesday night, which wasn't. He ate at 6:30, then fell asleep around 8 or 8:30 for the night. The Wife & I went into our room to watch a movie, and we both fell asleep at around 9:20/9:30. We woke up at 2 when he needed to feed; he was awake and playful, so he & I stayed up until 3AM, when he was sleepy enough to go back down. The Wife woke him at 6:30 to feed, and he slept in bed with me from the feeding until we both woke at around 8AM. Man, I actually feel good this morning, particularly since the clarinet lesson up north that I've been struggling to find a time for now seems to have a time. My Sunday is now stretched from 8AM until around 3PM, but it should be close to a $200 day, which makes life a lot easier.

It's hard, because I have three lessons that are close together in location, about an hour from my house. I'm up in that area three days per week, but I don't have an awful lot of flexibility on those three days. So, it's a matter of finding that flexibility or planning a 40-minute drive for a half-hour music lesson. I want to teach the kids - they're all great kids and I like being around them - but I don't like the drive.

Someone's awake... gotta go!

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