Sunday, November 4, 2007

Perfect Baby Land

Today was another one of those days where The Husband and I both had places to be for several hours so someone had to take The Boy. I knew that where I was going, I'd be out for a shorter time and, more to the point, everyone there would fuss over him.

My quartet was performing at a show hosted by a chorus of which two members of my quartet are involved. The Boy and I left the house at 10:15 and arrived at the site an hour later, at which point I fed him and changed him.Then the quartet sang through our set. Following that was lots of sitting around. And hanging around. And walking around. We were supposed to have lunch but I really hadn't brought much, intending to go out but never did. The Boy fussed for some of this time, and slept for some of the time.

The show didn't start until 2:30. I was nervous that he wouldn't want to eat until then...but he was hungry at 1:45. So he ate and was changed once again. Various people paid attention to him during all this time. 2:30 the chorus took the stage and we watched the show. Then someone from the chorus kept an eye on The Boy, asleep in his stroller. For the second half of the show I walked around wearing him in the carrier. He was a bit fussy again and was ready to eat at 4:30. About 7 minutes into his meal it was curtain call time! I took him off and went up with him...fortunately he wasn't ticked off at me because I gather he'd finished on that side anyway. He finished his feeding and we got on the road.

He was awake and happy for a good amount of time, and he was just wonderful. I didn't realize, though, exactly how little time I spend holding him because I held him/wore him a lot today and now I'm exhausted!

People were amazed at how well-behaved he was! We're lucky. We're also smart.


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