Thursday, November 1, 2007


Right now, I have marching band car.

For those who've never been on a band staff, that means my car is packed to the brim, similar to someone who is either homeless or moving into college. I've got at least two entire changes of clothes, an extra jacket, two extra sweaters, one set of thermal underwear, two drill books (one per school) as well as another set of loose drill for the third school I've been associated with, most of a case of water, most of a 12-pack of Diet Mountain Dew, instrument repair kits, two dozen empty plastic bottles, remnants of a half-dozen meals, a spare trumpet, a spare metronome, extra 9-volt batteries, a 2-liter of Pepsi and a few other things that were not included on that list.

And, there's still the car seat base taking up half of the back seat, with the floor in front of it reserved for the diaper bag. And, I've been able to get the stroller in when necessary. Thank God that The Boy isn't ready to start grabbing for stuff yet, as he'd have plenty of things available that aren't particularly baby-friendly. (Not that he can do anything much with a trumpet. That's hard to swallow.) Championships are this weekend, though, which means that things clear up quite a bit next week.

In a way, I'm going to miss bringing The Boy to practices with me. It's been fun. The kids have been very understanding about him, helping me when he drops his pacifier or whatever. I appreciate them very much, because they could just as easily be a pain. He's also not affected, yet, by the gock block - the LOUD AS HECK plastic block that we use to keep steady beats. He's not affected by the sound of the wind instruments. It doesn't catch his attention yet, except that they're a loud noise.

Now, singing, on the other hand, catches his attention quickly. On Tuesday, I took The Boy with me to the church choir performance at a funeral of one of the members. (This choir, I'm a paid member - the bass section leader.) When I got to the church, and we all started singing, his eyes opened wide and he started looking around. He also stopped fussing and remained calm for a LONG time. He fussed a little bit during the actual ceremony, but it was the normal five-minutes-before-nap-crying. That was all. He enjoyed the singing and enjoyed the sound of the organ (which is loud enough to truly feel, as opposed to merely listen).

This is something that has been consistent, from the time that he went nuts in the womb for the barbershop contest. When I practice my chorus music, he usually stays quiet and listens. The real test will be next week, when I start to practice saxophone again.

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the mol said...

He likes quartet rehearsal. Sometimes I try putting him to bed and once he realizes that we're singing, he fusses. More often than not he'll just sit there in his seat and listen.

He correctly picked the winner of the chorus contest while in utero yet was mostly uninterested in the drum corps show that we attended a month later.

This boy knows what he likes.