Sunday, November 11, 2007

Travellin' Along, Singin' A Song

It might be fun to make the titles to be somewhat relevant lyrics. I don't know if I'll remember or make it stick, but it's worth the shot.

Got back from our timeshare in Massachusetts about six hours ago. It was an awful lot of fun, even if it did significantly interrupt the baby's routine, which is not something one wants to do with any regularity. We own an every-other-year timeshare up in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts; it's one of those trade-the-weeks-to-stay-elsewhere-at-another-time kind of things. Our week is the end of March / beginning of April, which means that we're not really going to be able to stay there during our week until we retire; we have it because, allegedly, it has great trading power and will allow us to stay anywhere we desire when we want to stay there. Whatever. They brought us up for the weekend to convince us to buy an every-year one for another $10K, which is simply not possible on our current, one income, budget. In return, we got a free weekend's stay, $50 and a free breakfast. I'm all for that. The gas takes up the $50, roughly, and The Wife brought most of our meals with us - the rooms have full kitchens.

Since there's only one bedroom, and since we have no travel crib, this weekend was our first experience with the Family Bed. We did not use any kind of "Bundle Me" stuff - we don't roll over when we sleep, and we don't drink, which means that we're not going to roll over without our knowledge. (We hope.) The Boy seemed to enjoy the whole family bed concept, as - frankly - did I. It's really NICE to have everybody there - the baby is a wonderful, snuggly little dude. I've spent a lot of time with the sleeping baby - being the primary "rock him to sleep" person of the first couple weeks of his life, as well as the primary during-the-day-nap supervisor currently. He tends to wake quite frequently, look around for familiar items - Mommy or Daddy, his bouncy seat, his crib, his carseat, whatever - and either go back to sleep or wake more to investigate / complain. He seemed to sleep better with us, because he felt more secure with the fact that we were THERE with him.

I could be imagining this, because it was significantly easier for The Wife to feed him - just roll over, whip out a Feed Bag, and go back to sleep until he's done. Which is, actually, what she did - the two of them fell asleep mid-feeding, which was quite cute. So, it's possible that his original stirrings / rootings were things that I didn't even notice. But, I have gotten quite good at fooling myself. I'm fine with that.

On the ride up, and on the rides around town, we played the album, "For The Children," by Max Q. This is a wonderful children's album - it's all male a capella, specifically barbershop quartet-style, arrangements of children's tunes. It's a two-disc set - disc one is daytime songs, disc two is nighttime songs. Love 'em. The Boy loves 'em. I can't say enough good things about this album. This is great quality singing, great technical singing, and wonderful, entertaining arrangements - things that adults can enjoy listening to, instead of much of the dreck that I've heard since The Boy was born. I can't recommend this highly enough.

More later. I'm tired.

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