Friday, November 16, 2007

Wond'ring where you are, and how you are...

("All Alone", Irving Berlin, 1924)

On the sleeping front, he made it all the way through last night, as well, thanks to the 11:30PM feeding. He spent the evening at my brother's house, hanging out with his kids (14 and 16) and the furry cousins - cousin Skye, in particular. The Boy didn't REALLY get to know Cousin Skye - one doesn't leave an 11-week old baby with an Alaskan Husky - but they met each other for the first time. The dog wasn't really impressed. The baby was. We got home around 10:30, and Mommy came home at 11-ish and fed him soon after.

A word, today, about Alone Time for babies. Babies love being held. They love being carried around, and they love being fussed over. They love it and thrive on the attention - I've read studies that show that babies that are spoken to, snuggled and fussed over grow bigger and healthier than those that aren't. I think that they need to know, from the beginning, that Mommy and Daddy are there for them at any moment, for any reason, including no reason at all. This is common sense.

Babies also need alone time. Now, this could be a bit of transference from my own personality. I get overstimulated by other people fairly easily. I always have. I like people, sometimes, but I get freaked out pretty easily. I can get over it fairly quickly by disappearing for a little while, recovering my equilibrium and returning to the situation. Sometimes a short bathroom break will do it, sometimes curling up with a magazine for twenty minutes is necessary, and sometimes going home and snuggling with my Playstation 3 for a couple of hours is what is necessary. It depends on the situation.

The Boy is turning out to be no different. He loves attention, snuggles and Daddy/Mommy time as much as anyone does; but, he does get overstimulated fairly quickly and needs alone time. Sometimes, the alone time can be riding in the front carrier for a little while. Sometimes, the alone time is sitting on a lap and being still. Most frequently, it's sit in his bouncy seat and kick around for a while; least frequently, it's go to his crib for a half hour and rest.

It's not that he doesn't want attention; it's that he wants a little bit of balance time. Speaking of, he's ready to be moved to his crib for his morning nap. Later! Hope you enjoyed the lolbaby picture from fifteen minutes ago.

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