Monday, December 3, 2007

Back in the old routine...

The last couple of days has seen us fall back into older patterns of behavior with The Boy. He's been lots fussier for no apparent reason, and he hasn't been sleeping particularly well at night or during the day. That's not to say that he hasn't been catching his catnaps - he will still drink himself into insensibility on a regular basis. "Asleep at the boob," The Wife calls it.

Hey, he's a busy guy. It's a lot of work to eat and poop and play.

The doctor said that he'll hit another growth spurt around 3 months - and, he was three months officially on Friday. Some of this is doubtlessly due to growing pains. I don't know if I ever experienced them - I certianly don't remember experiencing growing pains, and I've been taller than most people my age for most of my life. I'll bet it's not comfortable, though, particularly when you're only two feet tall.

The Wife & I think that he might be teething. He might not be cutting his first tooth per se, but it seems likely that stuff is on the move in there. (If it's true, I feel horrendous for her. I cannot imagine that it's fun to nurse a baby when he has teeth and doesn't understand that IT HURTS when you bite certain things.) That, I understand, causing immense & agonizing pain for the young ones.

Still, I'm hoping he gets back on that wonderful six-ish hours of uninterrupted sleep cycle soon. I was really enjoying that. I know not to expect that he's going to sleep through the night with any regularity now, and I do enjoy the accidental nights that it happens; but, this every three hours things is getting old.

Not to mention the fact that it's really challenging to deal with a baby who is screaming hysterically for no apparent reason. He won't eat, he won't sleep, he won't play, he's just SCREAMING, for twenty to thirty minutes at a time. During that time, he's really inconsolable - and I've always been good at working with babies, even before I had my own. Yesterday was just not a happy day for the baby. Today seems to be okay, but we haven't done much. 5AM feeding, an 8:30 feeding that he fell asleep during, and now a cute, warm lump on my chest with its rear end sticking up into the air.

(That's funny, how when they sleep on a person, they stick their fannies in the air. I get a great kick out of that.)

This week, I need to finish my first math course, set up holiday decorations, clean the house for my sister-in-law and her controversial boyfriend to come visit and set up piano accompaniments for a chorus rehearsal I'm running on Wednesday. Sigh. Too much to do.

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Paul D. Keiser said...

Ugh. My sympathies. Once again, this too shall pass...