Saturday, December 8, 2007

A boy named Sue...

That's not really his name, I just can't think of anything appropriate to post. I think this one is more titled "Momma's Boy."

This week, The Boy has been a Momma's Boy. He's been so much happier and more content with his momma than with his poppa. I understand that it's not a lack of love thing; it's just one of the cyclical things that happen. If I piss him off in a given day, then he's going to want to spend more time with his source of food. Yes, I give him as many hugs, kisses and snuggles as his mommy does, but there's just something DIFFERENT about being with Mommy!

This is a normal thing with children. They pendulum-swing back and forth between the two parents at different times in their lives. It's okay. Last week, he was in a Daddy cycle. He screamed whenever The Wife came by. Not entirely surprising - she's the one who wields "The Boogie Man," the little squeezie-ball that gets the boogers out of his nose. He hates that, as would anyone! She also trims his fingernails. (I just don't notice yet.) And, she gives him baths... but he's pretty ambivalent about the baths. Some days, he likes 'em. Some days, he doesn't. Today, he didn't, and he REALLY didn't like being taken nekkid into the warmth.

Again, not surprising. Our house is a cold house. Our air circulation system is set up poorly, because the bedrooms are all on top of the garage - this means that any heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer is severely blunted by the lack of carpet on the hard wood floors. The bedrooms are WAY too cold in the winter and WAY too hot in the summer.

This week, The Wife has concerts - three, to be specific, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Each day has an in-school performance and an evening performance. I'm going to attend Monday's, probably during the school day; that might be it, although I'll try on Wednesday. I, myself, have caroling on Tuesday night and on Wednesday evening. Wednesday is at the Veteran's hospital, and The Boy will come with me. I hope he's in a good mood!

I'm not so worried about him crying during The Wife's concerts, mostly because I'll be there. I can soothe him pretty darn well ('cause I'm the daddy, that's why!!!). It's the performances where I'm involved and no other parent is present, that's worrisome. Still, it's going to be a problem for as long as he's a child, so he might as well get used to it.

I've decided, with this blog, that I'm going to start to review some of the baby products that The Wife & I use. I'll start tomorrow-ish. There's some good and some bad stuff out there, and - if any other parents are reading this - maybe I can give some good advice.

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