Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Does whatever a spider can...

The Boy is really clingy this week. So far, in both weekdays, he's been a little daddy's boy (kind of like a momma's boy, but different because she's not home right now). He's needed to spend a lot of time being held, and he hasn't wanted to play in his chair much, or play on his playsets. Not that I mind this, although it does make teaching lessons challenging. It's hard to play saxophone when holding a baby.

Yesterday was funny. I taught a saxophone lesson at home, and the young man that I was teaching brought a tenor sax. The Boy was in his bouncy chair in a corner of the room, alternating between watching us and trying to catch that Bad Purple Monkey hanging from the chair. With this particular student, who is new to the tenor, I was working on helping get a better sound - that happens when he actually starts to put enough air in the horn. (In other words, BLOW HARD.) He was doing that, after a brief warmup period, and we were playing some nice, forte scales. We finished a C major scale, played loud, and - the second we finished - The Boy burst into hysterical tears because the noise scared the crap out of him. He was picked up and soothed quickly, but the two older people in the room were amused.

(Okay, I don't like scaring my kid. That's not why it was funny. It was funny because we had just finished playing a scale, and he played it with the best sound & rhythm that he'd played that scale on tenor - and THEN The Boy decided that he was scared and needed to scream. That is funny, bo doubt.)

I put him in the door-hanging bouncy seat, and he was fine after that. No worries, and Mommy came home ten minutes into the lesson to save the day.

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