Thursday, December 20, 2007

Give the singer a chance...

(Blood Sweat & Tears, Applause Applause)

Yesterday, The Boy was incredibly great to be around. I mean, in every single way, he was a GREAT kid yesterday. Now, putting things in perspective - he's suffering from his first cold right now. He's coughing, and stuffy-nosed, and clearly not his best. Neither is the ol' Musical Daddy - my throat's killing me, and my asthma's acting up. I was going to stay home yesterday, but I couldn't - I'm the only other person in my chorus who can sing all four parts, so I had to go. I felt a real obligation to go to the caroling at the senior center - it's the least we can do, you know?

So, The Boy & I packed into the car at 9AM yesterday and headed out. It was a 70 minute trip to the seniors' center, mostly because I took a stupid way to get there. He slept the whole way, which was fine - I listened to more of Brad Meltzer's book, "The Millionaires," which I downloaded for free from iTunes. We arrived, and he woke up as we left the car. His car seat fits inside his stroller, so we went inside.

I changed him on the table in the warm-up room, and the small chorus - 7 guys, including me - warmed up the holiday set. We went inside and sang. After the third song, The Boy was restless inside his stroller; so, I strapped him into the front carrier, facing outwards, and sang the rest of the show. He was a big hit: quiet, responsive to the music and very cute. The songs that he knew - The Story of the Rose, My Wild Irish Rose, which The Wife & I sing to him all the time - he got excited, smiling and kicking out and grabbing on to my hands.

He fell asleep in the car on the way to IHOP for a music meeting and woke up in time to be fed as we finished eating. At the high school - where I stopped to drop off some paperwork - he was a big hit, and the high school girls literally lined up for a chance to hold him or to touch him or to kiss him. (Lucky guy!) My son's the biggest flirt on the planet, so he was in hog heaven. He definitely likes the pretty girls!

Seriously, he was awesome. REALLY well-behaved. I wish that I could take credit, but I know that kids his age operate more on random chance than anything else.

Interesting thing: twice, the care center workers asked me to give the baby to them so they could "show the residents." Are you kidding me? I don't know who you are or where you've been. Why would I give a sick child to you to show off to a bunch of sick people, without me there? I understand why - nothing can bring nursing care residents out of their daily comas quicker than a cute kid - but, still. No. Not gonna happen.

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Paul D. Keiser said...

"When I see all the lovin' the waste on babies..."

California Gentry

Nah, he's worth it.