Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I get by...

So, The Boy has been exploring various things lately. Last week (or two weeks ago - time kind of melds together), he discovered his toes during a diaper change. That was absolutely fascinating to him. It shouldn't be a new discovery - we play the "This little piggy" game (which I question in a kosher home, but that's another discussion) - but the newness was that he could actually reach them, if he so desired. This provided moderate entertainment value for him at the time.

The big discovery happened on Sunday or Monday - I noticed it on Monday, and I think that the Wife noticed it on Sunday. He discovered, again during a diaper change, that he's got an extra appendage that he hadn't noticed before. And, he now takes great pleasure in grabbing it whenever we change his diaper - during the nudity section in between diapers and immediately following. This, incidentally, is much more fun in a disposable diaper (which is relatively thin) then in the cloth diapers (which are thicker).

Hey, man, whatever floats his boat... I'm okay with it if he is. The really, really, hysterically funny thing about it is the ear-to-ear, full-toothless grin that he gets when he grabs it. It is as if he's proudly saying, "Look, Mom! Look, Dad! Look what I've got! And, I CAN GRAB IT!"

Ah, boys will be boys... although, I'm sure girls have similar habits. I'll let you know when the daughter is born in a couple of years.

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