Friday, December 28, 2007

Imitation is the sincerest form...

So, The Boy, this morning, started trying to figure out how Daddy does that raspberry thing on his belly, by pushing his lips together and vocalizing through them. This is incredibly cute, particularly since the only thing that REALLY happens, right now, is that he propels spit all over the place. Baby spit, at this age, is still really cute. All is good.

I'm glad that he's trying to figure this out now, and not in a couple / few months, when we're feeding him solid food. I want to get it into & out of his system so it isn't a huge deal later on.

That leads into thought of, "What habits are cute right now, and not so much later on?" There's the burping and farting thing - right now, every burp & every fart is rewarded with kisses and hugs and smiles, as he's learning to use the various evacuation points on his body. It becomes significantly less cute as he gets older. It doesn't get less funny, though - burping and farting, to guys, only gets funnier as the years pass. It just gets progressively less cute.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm not looking forward to introduction-to-solid-food poop? I was reading about it - again - in Parents Magazine. I'm not looking forward to it. The breastmilk stuff is really pretty inoffensive; the solid food stuff, considerably more offensive - particularly as his body is trying to figure out how to digest food.

Not to worry, though. The reflex of pushing things OUT of his mouth is still in effect, meaning that he's not really close to solid food yet. I'm sure that we could push it - but, why? Breastmilk costs the right amount. We need the money, particularly as I'm a housewife with expensive tastes.

In other news, we bought Rock Band with some Christmas money. This is awesome. I'll post a review later. This game can be played with The Boy watching to no real detriment; although, the two hours that I've spent playing it should probably been spent doing other things.

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Paul D. Keiser said...

I played Rock Band for about 5 minutes in a Wal*Mart (don't ask me how I got sucked into that realm of the Desolate One). Between that and the 10 minutes on the Wii playing Mario Galaxy, I think I've finally broken my snooty addiction to old school systems.

I WANNA Wii!!!!!!!

(But have neither the time, not the money to devote to EVER getting one).