Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Like the first time, only better...

Tonight, The Boy came to my chorus' rehearsal, and he was magnificent. After a minor crisis at the beginning - his dinner milk was too cold, and I had to impose upon the cafeteria people to get a pitcher of hot water to warm it up - he behaved unbelievably sweetly and well for the rest of the evening! He stayed in the front carrier for most of the night, which was good for me - forced me to keep my hands steady and small, instead of conducting all over the place and jostling him around too much. Plus, he kept grabbing at my hands when they passed by him, which also kept me on my toes - nothing like trying to conduct a sensitive phrase only to lose the use of one hand to a baby who needs something to chew on. After the break, he went into the carriage / car seat, and alternated between there & being held by me until he fell asleep at the end of the rehearsal.

Cute moment #14: we were learning the beginning of "76 Trombones." I was conducting the guys to show the rhythm - all of a sudden, we looked over at the carriage, and The Boy was conducting along with me! His right hand was bouncing up and down, like mine, at the tempo of the music! He's a genius. Hopefully, he'll inherit my wife's ears, my leadership skills, her musicianship and my conducting hands... not that we're trying to put any pressure on him.

Five bucks says that he'll conduct better than I do by his fifth birthday.


Paul D. Keiser said...

Bah. My Liam was conducting at 7 weeks!

See for yourself HERE

Dorian said...

I don't think anyone can conduct 76 trombones...well.