Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quick Review: The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Tub

This tub ($16.99) was what we bought for The Boy right away. Not shown is the hammock for putting baby in before he can take real tub baths. The hammock is washable. The tub was designed to stand free or fit into a sink. Or in the bathtub. We have a large counter space in the bathroom, so we just put it on the countertop.

Like any other infant/toddler bathing apparatus, you don't leave baby out of arm's reach, and you have to hold up a baby until his head-holding skills are decent. The Boy was able to bathe in this at about 6 weeks without needing an entire hand of support all the time. Before that, one hand had to support him always and the other would be for washing. One side is for a reclining small infant, and the other is for a seated infant/toddler.

Pros: sponge-bath hammock, water reservoir, free-standing, padded back. Also relatively boy-friendly--many infant tubs come up between the legs of babies and the boys look uncomfortable. This doesn't do that.

Cons: Seems difficult sometimes to clean the diaper area because of how baby is seated. The feet part of the tub get dirty easily. Not sure exactly how long he'll be in this--hopefully by the time he's too big for it, he'll be ready to bathe in the tub. Storage is also a challenge. Ours fits between the toilet and the tub.

This is a good item to have. Put it on your registry if you have one--it's pretty inexpensive, so someone could pick it up for you. Also, if you register for ONE, hopefully other people will not buy you more baby tubs.

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Musical Daddy said...

This is small enough to put on a counter, or it could be put on the floor without a problem. The Boy isn't old enough to understand the whole splashing thing, so he hasn't gotten everything soaked on the bathroom counter.