Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review: Diaper Champ Diaper Pail

The Wife found this diaper pail after doing some research on her mommy's discussion groups, so we bought it about two weeks before The Boy was born. It's a sturdy plastic thing about three feet tall - and it's VERY sturdy. I'm sure that it can stand up to abuse by a little person, once he's up and moving around. It seems fairly easy to operate - put the dirty diaper in the top, and flip the handle over. The bottom of the diaper catch moves, and gravity helps push the diaper into the bottom of the pail. No muss, no fuss - use one hand and it will (allegedly) get the diaper where it needs to go.

Pros: Takes normal tall kitchen garbage bags - one trip to CostCo and you're set until he's potty trained. The slick plastic on the device makes it extremely easy to wipe clean when contents spill over the side. The device does quite a good job at concealing odors. The baby's room smells like poopy sometimes, but that's kind of unavoidable, as the changing table is the start of the sewerage system.

Cons: The device frequently jams because the sliding / moving bottom of the diaper catch will frequently grab the ends of the diapers. This means that the handle will not move until you slam the thing enough to shake the diaper loose or until you open it up and grab the diaper and pull it free, thus shooting the "one-hand operation" all to heck.

Thoughts: It looks nice, and the disposal theory is sound. The actual execution is a little bit frustrating for me. Granted, I'm not a mechanical genius, but I do have a master's degree - chances are, if there was a more efficient way to operate the pail, I'd know how to do it. Considering this, and considering the price - a quick check on Babies 'R' Us's website shows that this is the 2nd most expensive diaper pail out of the 4 they had available - it seems to me that there has to be a better system. If you remember to jiggle the handle after every use, then it's okay. Not great, but okay. If you don't, then you're going to be unpleasantly surprised when a used diaper needs to be disposed of while a squirming baby is doing his best to take a header off of the changing table.

(Is it scary that I almost typed "training table"?)

For the cloth diapers, this thing is a total mess. It's not equipped to handle the immensely larger cloth diapers. Right now, considering that we use a combination of Bum Genius diapers, the trifolds & the fitted cloth diapers, a better option is the chrome garbage can with the step-pedal that opens it (most of the time). It doesn't do quite as good of a job concealing odors, but we don't let the diapers sit there all night - we put the diapers on wash after dinner and let them dry, leaving only post-dinner diapers to contend with. We use the littler step-pedal chrome garbage can to hold the dirty diaper wipes.

Do I recommend this? This gets a "meh." There might be better. I'm sure there are worse.

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the mol said...

I strongly recommend this for parents using disposables; DO NOT waste money on the Diaper Genie because you have to buy special bags for it.

As The Husband said, it doesn't do much good for the cloth diapers but the only time that the disposables get caught in there is when it's too full, in which case you really need to empty that sucker out!