Friday, December 14, 2007

Review: Fisher Price Infant Seat to Toddler Rocker

(This is a relatively recent picture of The Boy, in his chair.)

We bought the Fisher Price Infant Seat to Toddler Rocker at a garage sale for $5, from friends of ours whose daughters have graduated from toddlerhood to small childhood. They were getting rid of a lot of infant stuff, and this was one of the things that they sold on the cheap to us, two weeks before The Boy was born.

The chair is set on green rockers, with dark blue plastic pieces to block the chair from rocking TOO much. The fabric on the chair is supportive and soft, but very machine washable. It's relatively easy to get off, being attached by plastic clasps at the base. The chair has a "soothing vibrations" option, running on two D batteries, that has an easy-to-work, easy-to-see switch. The post that holds the toys is easy to remove by an adult, not so much by the child (fortunately). The three toys that are hanging from it (which might not be the originals, as this chair survived through two of their children) are a blue rattle, a purple monkey that plays the refrain of "If You're Happy And You Know It" and a thingie with some rings and plushy. The chair has a strap that comes up between the baby's legs and attaches to plastic clasps next to the baby's hips.

Pros: It's easy to get The Boy in and out of the chair. He can easily kick his feet and get the chair to rock back and forth. He likes reaching for the toys - the purple monkey, in particular, is a great target for him to beat up. The safety strap is easy to attach and keeps The Boy secure. The calming vibrations switch is easy on the batteries, although I haven't run it for lengths of time. The seat is easy to remove and to wash, so any spills and accidents are cleanable. The chair does not rock TOO far, no matter how hard he kicks.

Cons: The calming vibrations don't do anything for The Boy. He doesn't respond any differently whether they are on or off. The toys aren't THAT interesting to him.

This was, possibly, the best purchase that we made for the baby. In the first month or two of life in particular, he LOVED his chair. This chair was a place to put him, secure and safe, while we showered or used the bathroom, and he would frequently nap on it. One of the first things that he learned to do, physically, was to kick his feet and make the chair move - and he was very, very proud of it and enjoyed doing it! Now that he's a sophisticated three and a half months old, he doesn't get as much joy from it, even though he still sits in it when we're showering, eating or I'm working out.

The calming vibrations aren't really an option for The Boy, as they do nothing; I've heard from different people that their kids love the vibrations. Still, it was really, really cool to see him kick his feet and move the chair on his own.

This seat, or something like it, is a must-buy for any baby, in my opinion. This chair saved us - when The Boy needed to sit up and look around, he had his chair. This chair was great for him to nap in when he was brand new in life.

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