Thursday, December 27, 2007

This Christmas...

Isn't it amazing how a song like "This Christmas," which was only first written and performed within the last ten years or so (ed. note: Chris Brown released it as a single in 1970... only off by about thirty years, genius), has become such a standard nowadays? It's impossible to miss it... everyone sings it on their albums.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - the Mac crashed on Sunday night, leaving us laptop-less in the house. Not to worry - we have an old PC laptop that serves it purpose, but it's annoying to be down to only 3 internet-ready things, counting the Playstation. ZOMG, I can't believe that that much of my life is wrapped up in these things... the only real tragedy is that I have SO MUCH WORK on the Mac that I really, really need - barbershop chorus stuff, school stuff, learning tapes, etc, that's most likely gone.

What does that teach me? Back up the hard drive on a regular basis. >sigh<

Anyway, Christmas was great. The Boy slept through the entire presents-opening up experience, but he did stay awake for Cousin J's birthday celebration earlier in the day and for Christmas Day dinner with the Furry Cousins. He was a great kid, very good natured and adaptable, although we did leave earlier than we would have liked in order to bring him home before he got TOO cranky. My work schedule was kind of intense - Sunday morning mass, followed by an extra rehearsal, followed by singing with the BAC, then Monday masses at 4 & 8 surrounding dinner & presents - but survivable. Thank God I wasn't teaching last week, or I'd be hurting right now.

The rest of this afternoon is clean-up time. Do the floors, dust the house, etc., because the in-laws are coming. Info on presents to follow.

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