Friday, January 4, 2008

Growin' Bigger

The Boy went to the doctor today for his 4 month checkup, who said that he's hitting all of his milestones - he's tracking objects around the room, is more engaged in life, responds to voices, reaches for stuff, can sit and stand when assisted appropriately, poops a lot, pees a lot, etc., etc., etc. He's now 26.5 inches tall, which is 90th percentile - not surprising, considering his parents are giants - and he weighs 16/11, which is 80th percentile - and seemingly less than when we weighed him at home. But, still, he's a big guy. He had at least two inches on the 9-month old boy in the seat next to him. Plus, he was MUCH cuter.

(The last statement was just as objective as the other statements. I've discovered that The Boy rates a 74.2 on the cuteness scale, which is a 75-point scale - that would be 99th percentile, according to the doctor. The other baby was a mere 72 - still high, but not high enough.)

He got his shots today, which did NOT help his mood very much. He screamed at us for about 45 seconds before calming down - which is much better than his father, who has been known to cry for an hour and a half after shots. So, he's MUCH less of a little girl than his Daddy is.

The funny & cute bit was when I stripped him down for the examination. He found his toes a couple of days ago, and while we were waiting for the doctor, he had ahold of his toes for dear life - chewing on them, playing with them and moving them around. He was wiggling them and watching them intently, which was WAY cool. The doctor came in and noted, "He has no problem being naked, does he?" Well, it runs in the family more than a bit.

But, MAN, he loves those toes.

He had his leg pulled across his body, so that his right foot was a little bit above and outside of his left shoulder. That's pretty darn flexible. I sort of tried that a little later and got my right foot about up to my left hip, and it stopped. Not that I'm a flexible guy, but I'm pretty athletic and do work at it. As I've said to The Wife, The Boy can be folded into more portable shapes when necessary.

After his shots, we went home and both ate. Then, I managed a nice Jedi mind trick and convinced him that he needed to nap, and we both napped on my bed until Mommy got home at a little bit after three.

Tonight, we're headed into the city and David's going to meet Uncle Composer, who was my roommate at the University of Michigan for a couple of years. He's got two little ones of his own, including a daughter that JUST came home from the hospital after being born around 3 months premature.

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