Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keep them doggies rollin'...

Today was a big travel day for The Boy and me. We travelled from Scotch Plains, NJ, to Swiftware, PA - about 85-90 miles - to help Uncle Sasquatch (not really an uncle, just my best friend from 6th grade) move some stuff from his basement to his upstairs as they prepare to move back to NJ. We left home at 9:15, arrived at 11. Fed him, changed him, got him used to Lee so that we could move a loveseat, a couch, a reclining chair and a 62-inch rear-projection tv up a narrow flight of stairs. No problems. Played with him for the next couple of hours until he fell asleep, then showered and played XBox until he woke up. Drove down to Near Rutgers, NJ, and left Him with The Wife, while she helped out at a concert in her district. Left them, drove an hour north to pick a guy up for barbershop chorus, then Dapper Dans, then home. Five hours in the car today. My body is vibrating.

Infants in cars are fine. They sleep. A lot. The only problem? The boy's neck is at a horrific angle. The chair doesn't go back far enough to allow him to keep it back up against the seat, and it's a little scary. Still, he doesn't seem to be uncomfortable - he contorts himself normally when he sleep. It's just wierd.

Ugh. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

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Paul D. Keiser said...

Great! He'll be prepped well for a few summers on a drum corps tour bus!

(Preferably a DCA corps. You know how I feel about DCI these days.)