Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let Sleeping Babies Lie...

My wife and I have (what we call) a "Mutual Nonagression Pact." Meaning, if The Boy is asleep, we let him alone. There is no possible good reason to wake a sleeping baby, save major disaster showing up. If he's asleep in his stroller when we get home? Wheel the stroller in the house through the garage door and leave him there. In the car seat when we get home? Unless it's late at night, leave him in the car seat and let him sleep. If he's asleep, walks get postponed, no matter how much of a pain in the rear it is. I suppose there are exceptions - like, Mommy has to go teach a lesson, Daddy is already out at his night job, and noone is around to take care of the baby, then he gets moved into his seat for the trip out the door.

Mutual Nonagression Pact. Would that those worked as well in the real world. But, telling someone not to mess with some else is like saying don't pick at a scab. It's there, you know it's there, and it's going to itch like crazy until you pick it.

I freely admit to sneaking in his bedroom every half hour or so to check on him. I don't do anything - watch him sleep, adjust the heater, that sort of thing. Well, truth be told, my visits last a total of about thirty seconds. I just can't sit and watch him sleep. I'm not wired like that. Don't get me wrong - he's beautiful, I understand that. I love his face, I love his chubby cheeks, and I love watching him breathe. I love watching his mouth suck on a dreamtime breast. I love watching his hands grip dreamtime toys. Even the night terrors he occasionally gets - that single yelp every once in a while - are still cute. But, I can't sit there for that long. I go nuts. I'm not designed to sit still for any length of time.

Please note, by the way, how much he fills that chair. To the left is a picture of him from September 4, the week after he was born. What a difference! The only annoying thing? He doesn't do that for me. For Molly, he'll sit contentedly on her lap while she types on the computer. For me, he'll start screaming after fifteen or twenty seconds. For Molly, he'll sit in the chair and contentedly babble at her for fifteen or twenty minutes while she does her thing. For me, he screams after three minutes - usually long enough for me to microwave my food and sit at the table. That time drops from three minutes to thirty seconds after 11AM. Sigh. It's just not fair. Only kidding. It's fine. He does things for me that he doesn't do for her - like go more than an hour or so without eating. He knows I don't carry around a food source like she does.

Although it is entertaining, now that he's figured out that she stores The Boobie inside of her shirt. When he's hungry, he starts pawing at her blouse until The Boobie comes out. It's quite endearing. Back to topic at hand.

Frequently, when I arrive home at night, The Boy will be asleep at the boob, either in bed with Mommy or on the lounge chair with her. So, it's my job to peel him off and put him down in his crib, which I do willingly enough. He's cute, so it's not the hardest chore in the household. What is funny is the indignant SHRIEK that he lets out when I pick him up off of his mommy - this very brief, white-hot, red-faced, vein-popping, blood-curdling shriek that lasts for a full 1.5 seconds - until he falls back asleep after the grip on the baby stabilizes. He gets irritated again when placed in his crib, but the aquarium usually puts him right back to sleep. I just get a kick out of how passionate that shriek is! I'm glad he's got something to light the fire.

I wonder what this means about his temper, if anything? I know that I've got an ugly temper at times. The Wife has a strong temper as well, although she's got far better control. We'll see. I hope he takes her temper instead of mine.


Paul D. Keiser said...

Soon enough, he'll sleep so soundly an Atomic Bomb would go off with little more than a flinch. Round about a year, you'll likely be able to transport him from car to couch to crib without so much as a stir.

As for temper, I wouldn't worry...yet. Unfortunately, male temper does run in a family. My dad had a temper, as do I, and Liam DEFINITELY has it. That's something to deal with later on, though. I didn't learn to curb my temper much till I was about 14!

Musical Daddy said...

...'cept I haven't learned to control mine, and I'm 33. It's why I just finished my fourth job in 8 years of teaching. Sigh.