Sunday, January 27, 2008

Review: Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Discovery Center

My father bought the Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Discovery Center for us in early October, which was a month after The Boy was born. This was The Boy's first Christmas present and a major source of pride for my old man.

The Lights & Melodies Discover Center is a plastic standalone device. It has two sets of arced legs; each set can be adjusted to three different heights. The heights are tall, for babies who are are lying on the ground or standing in front of the device; medium, for babies sitting down in front of the device; and folded, in order to take less space for transportation. The top of the device is shaped like a caterpiller, with a bright smile, big eyes and easy-to-grasp antennae. One of the middle segments is a spinning wheel with a pleasing pattern on it; the other is a click wheel that makes animal noises when the faces align - dog, cat & cow. The far segment is a mirror-ball with a yellow side, so that it spins and changes the face of the mirror.

Underneath the device is a star-shaped rattle; a handle that, when pushed, starts one of several melody and light patterns; and an orange ball that fits through a hole, starting different music. The music is fairly high quality, alternating between Mozart and Schubert and others. The music is entertaining for us, even after the five hundredth time hearing it.

The Boy enjoys playing with the device. When lying down, he's got an attention span of about three minutes with the toys there. When standing in front of the toys, he enjoys grabbing the handles on top; he particularly likes "eating" the face of the caterpiller. The face is very fascinating to him and is a highlight for The Boy. He has not yet figured out how to manipulate the other toys on it, but he does like grabbing the star and playing with the orange ball. He likes playing with it while sitting down, even though he doesn't sit too well by himself yet.

This is a fun toy. It has a lot of different options for him to play with, and he hasn't discovered how to play with all of them in the month that he's had it. I recommend this toy moderately highly - it's not as fun as the jumperoo or the bouncy chair, but it's pretty good.

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