Monday, January 14, 2008

Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

The Boy is starting to figure out the whole sitting up thing. It's a startlingly complex action, if you think about it: lots of muscle strength is required in your legs, hips and trunk, not to mention a semblance of balance between your upper half and your lower half. He's got the strength in the lower half - Lord knows that, when we're holding his hands, he can kick his legs straight and lift his body up. That's cool. Lately, he's been noticeably developing the strength in his trunk - mostly, because he's in love with his toes and tries to chew on them as often as possible.

Ahh... babies. They fold into easily portable shapes.

Over the last week, he's been grabbing at his toes when we've sat him up, which kind of counterbalanced him, until he'd fall flat on his face in a yoga position. That ticked him off, but fine - that's why Mommy and Daddy are there. Now, he's starting to sit on his own.

I still wish he'd sleep. Although, once he got to sleep last night - REALLY late - he did sleep through until 5:15AM, which was almost four whole hours. >sigh< I want these teeth to just show up already.

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Paul D. Keiser said...

I feel your pain, dude. Don't worry, it won't be long.

I wholeheartedly believe evolution keeps babies cute. If they weren't, the species couldn't survive. Babies wouldn't survive past a year.

Yup. Still cute.