Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wow - what a week!

I hear this all the time, but it's amazing how quickly time flies with the young one around. We get up together when Mommy leaves for work, and after we turn around twice, Mommy's coming home from work, it's 3:30 and I'm starting my nighttime stuff.


Things are becoming a little bit easier right now. My private lessons are starting to take off - I've re-acquired some of my clarinet students, and I'm teaching around 10 students per week, including cancellations and changes. On weeks when everyone shows up? Wow. Life is good. I know that these things are cyclical, though, so I'm not going crazy about it. Once the Jr. Region auditions are over in February, I'll lose around half of my students for regular lessons and go to a more sporadic schedule. That's not necessarily a bad thing - I'm just starting a statistics course with my math stuff, and I have a BIG test worth 4 of my 42 credits in a couple of weeks. I figure that if I can earn a thousand bucks per month in private lessons, and keep my church gig and the Dapper Dans, then I can pretty much stay home for another year, finish my math degree and see David old enough to go into a more traditional day care place.

And, it gives me some options when it comes to employment. I'm tired of taking crappy teaching jobs. I've had four of them - although, to be fair, my high school gig COULD have been great, if I wasn't thrown under the bus by my supervisor. Well, not great - but it could have been livable for another couple of years. I want a good job, in a good district - whether it's teaching math or teaching music. Music is preferable - but I want a good job, close to home, where I can actually be a part of my son's life.

Teaching privately really is rewarding, though. I've formed very, very good relationships with most of my students, and I've had the pleasure of watching them flourish. I'm proud to say that, any student of mine who has actually practiced what I've preached has become the best player on their instrument - in most cases, their school - within six months. It's nice to tailor lessons to individual personalities and temperaments. It's nice to make playing clarinet and saxophone fun and rewarding - something that isn't necessarily possible in a large ensemble setting.

A little weirdness, though - Saturday, I didn't need my saxophone. Just clarinet lessons. That's new.

Back to fatherhood... Friday night, The Wife, The Boy & I cuddled up in bed to watch some Simpsons and maybe some House. This was 9PM. We were all asleep by 9:15. While The Boy woke up a couple of times to eat - at around 1 and again at 5 - neither one of us was actually conscious while he ate, and all of us finally woke together at around 7:30. It was great! I admit to being nervous having The Boy sleep in bed with us - I'm terrified of all of the stories of SIDS, but neither one of us moves around when we sleep. But, It was comforting to have The Boy with us, and he felt the same way. It's not going to become a habit - I think - but it was an awesome night of sleep. I felt really good on Saturday and Sunday because of it!

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