Saturday, February 2, 2008

Does whatever a spider can...

So, The Boy has been excessively clingy over the past week or so. What I mean by that is thus: during the day, when he's home with me, he does not want to be out of direct physical contact with me for more than, say, 30 seconds. This excludes breakfast for some reason: he has no problem watching me cook breakfast and eat it from his chair. For the rest of the day, he's a major Daddy's-Boy. If I put him in his chair while I, for instance, take a shower or go to the bathroom, then he goes nuts. If I put him in his crib to nap - even if he's dead exhausted - he'll cry himself awake after an average of 15-20 minutes.

Occasionally, in the jumperoo, he can go five or ten minutes without direct contact from me. This makes the jumperoo the best choice for showering or making and eating lunch. This isn't such a great idea, as I'm uncomfortable with leaving him in the toy while I'm in the shower.

Plus, G-d forbid I read a book or the newspaper or log in to the computer. He has no tolerance for that stuff, choosing to start screaming within approximately twenty seconds. The only exception to this is that he will allow me to carry sheet music around if he's in the carrier and I'm singing to him. When I listen to the iPod, he decides to play the game of "grab the thin white wire and yank REALLY HARD," which is a fun game for David and not so much fun for Daddy.

What this means is, all told, I'm ingesting far less media than I'm used to ingesting. I'm used to devouring websites, newspapers, books and magazines at a ferocious rate. Normally, I'm an extremely fast reader - around a hundred pages per hour, and I remember far more than most people do. This isn't bragging; it's just how I'm wired. I never go anywhere without several forms of literature with me: usually, a novel, two or three magazines and my iPod with several podcasts and television shows / movies.

I will admit to being a bad father, again - The Boy does watch some television with me, against the recommendations of the AMA. Usually, we watch G4's "Attack of the Show," which is entertainment, video game and computer news - basically, infotainment centered around dorks. Occasionally we'll watch one of my cartoons or other shows, usually while he's eating and can't see the television. This is necessary, as my brain starts turning cartwheels if not active.

I couldn't imagine being a homemaker and not having the hobbies / work that I do. It must be agonizing. Just spending the day cleaning and taking care of the kid? Wow. Nuts to that!

But, over the last week, it's been pretty close to that. He won't allow me a moment to breathe during the day. I'm told that this is a phase and wears off, eventually. In a way, I'm looking forward to that; but, in a way, I'm not. I'm very aware of the passage of time, and I'm very aware that, in a short period of time, The Boy is not going to want to get within five yards of me without a radiation suit. I do enjoy the snuggles, carrying him around and sitting with him on my lap. I don't want that to go away at all!

But, I would like to read the newspaper once in a while.

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