Thursday, February 28, 2008

Growing Like a Weed...

Isn't the phrase, "growing like a weed," an interesting one? There seems to be a few hidden implications therein. Is growing like a weed - something that is undesired, that chokes off parts of a garden, that is not visually attractive - a bad thing? Or is growing like a weed - growing incredibly quickly, despite any conditions present - a good thing? I don't really know.

Anyway. The Boy is, most assuredly, growing like a weed. We currently have two large plastic tubs full of clothes that he's already outgrown - that's not counting the clothes that we've thrown away (because they're too badly stained to be used again) or given away to charities. Every day, there's more clothing that we're putting in that pile because he's outgrowing them.

He's already moved onto the middle size setting on the jumparoo. I think he'll be there for a couple of weeks, but - looking at it - I never really thought that he'd be at that setting so quickly. He's almost entirely outgrown the door-hanging jumper that my brother gave us.

ZOMG - the commercial for the Iron Man movie came on. Holy crap, does that look awesome. Man, I'm such a dork.

Today was an interesting day. We woke up and was very, very happy and cheerful, as the baby is wont to be in the morning. He was engaging, bright-eyed and poopy-tailed. He played around for an hour or so until he was ready for his morning nap, which the two of us took together, as we usually do.

(Back to the "spoiled" discussion of a couple of days ago - is it going to cause problems that the boy is used to napping on me in the morning? I don't think so, and - frankly - don't really care.)

When he woke, he was grouchy and angry. He cried and was not happy for most of the next hour and a half, through a meal, a couple of changes and a lot of playing. He napped for forty-five minutes, which fixed his mood issues. He awoke happy again, and we read a book or two, played on all of his toys, walked around the house and ripped up some magazines together. Actually, I read my ESPN magazine, and he tore apart some junk mail magazines. (Just keep him away from my comic books.)

He and I had a nice rest of the afternoon, most notably including a two-hour nap until The Wife got home. I'm enjoying this current sleep / growth cycle that he's experiencing, as I need the rest while recovering from the flu. Isn't it interesting how things like this seem to happen? He'll be back to "normal" next week, when I'm healthy.

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