Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Momma's Boy

The Boy definitely has his preferences about with whom he spends his time.

It's kind of astonishing, how he's figured out that Mom & Dad are two different people who treat him in two different ways. Sometimes he wants Mommy's ways, sometimes Daddy's... it's the "Momma's Boy" and "Daddy's Boy" syndrome. Nothing big, yet, because out of sight truly means out of mind.

Although, when The Wife comes home from work, he's absolutely bewitched, bothered & bewildered by her. (I use that phrase because that episode of "Buffy" was on on Sunday.) I mean, he watches her like a hungry dog watches a hamburger! He definitely notices the times she's not around, and he definitely notices the times that I'm not around by the same way. It is extremely rewarding, when you're been gone for a little while, to come home & have an enthusiastic greeting from the baby!

Mommy, right now, bathes him. She also reads more stories to him - something I'm trying to change, but haven't made into a habit. She gives him naked time - gotta air out the junk, you know?

I take him for walks. I toss him around - gently, naturally, but I figured out the "toss the baby on the bed & EARTHQUAKE!!!" game, which he loves. He and I bounce a lot together on his toys. I carry him around the house on walks & housework - not that he does housework, but he hangs out with me while I do it.

Different people, different set of activities. It's cool to see that he's picked up on them.

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