Monday, February 4, 2008

Still got it...

Went to a Super Bowl party tonight on Long Island. For the geographically challenged, Long Island is roughly 60-ish miles from central New Jersey, where we live. It was an annual Super Bowl party thrown by one of my buddies from the Big Apple Chorus, so everyone there was a barbershop nerd. My kind of crowd - particularly since the dude throwing the party is into the same stuff I am. (Comics, Babylon 5, Heroes, Lost, etc.)

A little background - this dude has the same hairstyle that I have - shaved head, goatee, similarly shaped glasses. I'm a couple of inches taller, and he's a bit heavier than I am. He and his wife also adopted three kids around the same time that The Boy was born - a 7 year old, a 3 year old and a 3 month old, all sisters. The littlest one - now 8 or 9 months depending on how you're doing the math - woke up from her nap soon after I arrived. Her mommy brought her into the room that had everyone, the baby saw me and immediately reached out and wanted to be held by me.

Now, I know that it wasn't any kind of mystical baby charm I was wielding; she was still partially asleep and saw a head & face that was like her daddy's face, and she reached out for it. So, I held her, and she snuggled in close. It was nice, as always - babies feel really nice to hold. She's heavier than The Boy, but isn't much taller - maybe 5 pounds heavier and an inch taller, if that. So, it was wierd holding a heavy baby! She started to wake up and figured out that I was not her daddy fairly quickly, all things considered; but, she decided that she was comfortable, and we made friends and hung out until bedtime.

I've always been good with babies. I like babies and always have liked babies. Throughout my life, babies have enjoyed being held by me and spending time with me. I'm pretty happy with that, because they're fun. Considering that I do miss The Boy when he's not around, it was nice to have a Temporary Baby (TM) to play with for a little while.

Girls are different than boys, though. It ain't just the plumbing; they're just different. They smell different, and they behave different. Can't really explain it yet; it's just not the same.

The Boy was with my wife at my brother's house for the game. The Boy was apparently an absolute delight, as I'd expect. He's starting to warm up to people over the last couple of days, so he was nice to Grandpa and the Furry Cousins tonight. Today, he also started rolling over again and spending time on his tummy - something he just has never done for me. Eh. Whatever.

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