Sunday, February 10, 2008

Technical Issues...

Internet's been down in our household since late Thursday night. Annoying, because it isn't my fault, this time. Tomorrow, I have to make a trip to Comcast's payment center to get a new modem. >sigh<

The Boy has not figured out locomotion yet, but - when he's on his hands & knees, and propping himself up (like he's learned to do within the past week), he's figured out how to rotate himself around. Last night, we both were dead-set certain that he was going to start inching himself forward, but he didn't make it yet.

Look, I'm not rushing it. Believe me. I'm not looking forward to the days of childproofing, outlet covers, special doorknob-things & unscrewing hot water knobs. I'm not looking forward to the "Don't pull on the television wires," "that's DADDY'S videogame, sweetheart," and "No, honey, your comic books are over there - they're the ones with slobber all over them." I enjoy the fact that, for the most part, if we put him down, he'll be in the same place in 30 seconds, when we turn back around.

Still, it was really exciting last night, watching him put the concepts of motion to work. He saw a toy about two feet in front of him, knew that he wanted the toy, and was trying to coordinate his body motions in order to move forwards to get the toy. I could actually see the little gerbil on his wheel in the boy's thought processes. It was very cute, and he worked at it for, like, fifteen minutes before getting frustrated enough to stop trying - which is a really long time, for The Boy. It won't be long.

Crazy week this week for all of us. Let's see what happens.

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