Friday, March 14, 2008

A couple of firsts...

Yesterday, The Boy had his 6 month checkup. Things were wonderful, as we expected - he's healthy, happy and showing all the appropriate milestones, physical and mental, for his age. He measured in at 28 inches and 19 pounds, 13 ounces - both at the 75th percentile, which is down from the 90-somethingith percentile at 4 months. This is not necessarily a bad thing - if he continues growing at his current rate, he'll be borrowing clothes from me by the end of the summer. (slight exaggeration) He received his shots, including the new vaccination against stomach flu / food poisoning bacteria.

The shots made him quite irritable today. He was happy for short stretches, then grumpy for longer stretches. He took two LONG naps today - one as my wife was leaving, that lasted for around two hours, and another in the afternoon that was, with a brief interruption for feeding, around three hours long. Even this evening, he was grumpy. Better than the afternoon, though.

There were a couple of firsts today. He's been leaning himself in to us to give us hugs for a few weeks now, including spreading his arms out around our shoulders. It's quite cute and very touching. Today, he leaned in to me to give me a hug, then put his face on my neck and made the "smeck" sound of a kiss! It was awesome. He's very cute, and he was very proud of himself afterwards. He hasn't repeated it yet, though, so it might have been an accident.

Last night (not really today, but who cares?), he was playing the "Where's The Boy?" game with my wife, who had thrown a blanket over his head like we usually do. The difference? He pulled the blanket off of his face, then held onto the blanket and covered his face with it again, then pulled it down - starting his own game of peekaboo or "Where's The Boy?" He was giggling like a fiend, which was quite cute, I'm told.

We thought we heard a "Dadadadada" pointed in my general direction, although it was most likely babbling that was randomly thrown at me. Last night, on the way home from choir rehearsal, The Boy was talking up a storm - like, for fifteen straight minutes of the ride. "bababa" and "mamamamumummmmmmmm" and "ib ib ib ib". I was waiting for an "I Gregory!", but that didn't come, yet.

Also, sitting on my legs in front of the playset that my father bought, he reached up, grabbed the handle, and pulled himself to a standing position. It didn't work for him when he was sitting on the floor (much to his frustration), but he can do it from a slightly higher-than-floor position.

Lastly, tonight was the first time that I carried him in from the car and deposited him straight in the crib, asleep the whole time. Usually he wakes up. I don't expect him to stay asleep, but it was nice to get fifteen minutes to blog.

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