Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cuteness, part IX

Two really, really cute moments today:

This morning, The Boy was sleeping with me during his normal morning nap. I'm a belly sleeper - normally, I sleep on my stomach and face outwards on the bed. He was next to me, in the middle of the bed. He woke up after an hour or so and started thumping me on my back. He continued beating on me until I turned over and snuggled him close to my chest, whereupon he fell soundly back to sleep.

Later, he was sitting on the bed playing with me - standing up, grabbing the sheets to hide, playing with a chew toy, that sort of thing. My shirt rode up a little bit, showing some pasty-white belly - The Boy leaned in, put his face against my belly and blew out. He was trying to give me the same raspberries that I give him every day! It was SOOOOO cute.

Babies are awesome.

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