Monday, March 10, 2008

First Concert

Saturday night, The Boy, The Wife & I went to a concert. This is a startlingly rare occurrence; while we are frequent participants in performances, it isn't often that we go to see a show that we're not directly involved in creating. Pretty much, the last time that happened was... um... well... a long time ago. I think we went to see the Easton Brothers In Harmony chorus perform, and that was last May or June.

We took him to see the International Prelims Finals. This is the quartet contest that determines whether or not a quartet is invited to sing at the Barbershop Harmony Society International Competition in July in Nashville, TN. The way it works is this: sign up for the contest, and average a score of 76 in two contest rounds. That's a whole lot harder than it seems; at least one wonderful quartet that I'm friends with - 'Round Midnight - is composed of four professional musicians, and they don't crack the 73 barrier, much less 76.

The Boy was great. I mean, ideally well behaved. He spent lots of time chewing on my fingers, with his sharp, pointy little teeth; and he did fall asleep in the baby sling that my wife wore for the final three competitors. But, he fussed a tiny, tiny little bit - really, just a couple of vocalizations during loud applause and cheers from the crowd, and the one time that we laughed and scared him. I'm pleasantly surprised by how well he behaved, and I hope that it's a harbinger of times to come. My wife wasn't surprised - she expected it. She also doesn't hear the vocalizations he does during the day, and how loud he can be when he so chooses. I was terrified of him deciding to sing along during a slow, quiet, tender moment, and of me being labeled as "THAT guy who brought his baby to the FINALS" to everyone in the Mid-Atlantic District.

More fool, I. I should trust the family more often.

Anyway, I was proud of my friends in Round Midnight and Family Affair. They didn't make the Big Show this year, but they still did wonderful, moving performances. But, I'm being paged by The Boy right now, quite strongly - more later.

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