Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He's Sweet...

We really are lucky. The Boy is a really wonderful baby - and, yes, I know that most parents say that about their children. But, I think that the one that we have is extraordinary. He's a handsome young boy, and he has such a sweet disposition and temper that it's hard to believe that half of his genetic code is mine. He's very good humored, and he laughs a lot, and he seems to have lots of fun wherever he is. People remark about what a neat kid The Boy is, and I agree with them.

Then again, people say that about many, many babies. As a human society, we're conditioned to believe that all children are special when, by definition, at least half of children aren't special in the remotest. That would be the nature of the bell curve. SOMEone has to be on the far left of the bell curve, just like someone has to be on the far right. We hope that children would be the later, but - let's again be honest - smart people have less children. Stupid people reproduce like rabbits.

But, I think that this one is special. We'll find out, as the years go on, I suppose.

Today, I think he actually managed to propel himself forward on the kitchen floor. It wasn't far - just a couple of inches - but it was still forward motion. We also made a couple of trips today, to breakfast, the grocery store & to drop off an application packet at a potential job. Let's see what happens.

Yankees are playing Virginia Tech, in a benefit game to raise money for a memorial for the students killed in the attack last April 16. Good for them. They've already donated over a million dollars to VT, and this will help more.

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