Monday, March 24, 2008

Momma's Boy or Daddy's Boy? Not our call.

About a month or so ago, I really started to notice how The Boy started to respond to the differences between Mommy & Daddy. That is, he has noticed differences that are not necessarily related to the fact that Mommy is a moving food supply and that Daddy needs to go to the microwave to heat up water to heat up a bottle for the baby. He's begun to distinguish between us in the various forms of comfort and entertainment that we provide for him.

This is kind of weird, but not in a bad way. I mean, babies grow and develop - they turn into little people who turn into big people, over the course of time. I've enjoyed watching him begin to work things out on his own and to respond to things and to people on their own merits. I know that successful parenting - and successful teaching - revolves around allowing the children to make their own choices and their own mistakes, so that their successes will be more precious because they are earned.


Saturday, The Wife & I were out for most of the day. She got hired for Easter week to be the soprano section leader of the church choir that employs me, because 1) they REALLY need a soprano, 2) she's a far, far better singer and musician than I am, and 3) being Jewish, she wasn't busy on Easter. It was nice, but a busy week - mass & rehearsal Sunday, mass Monday, mass Thursday with rehearsal afterwards, mass Friday, rehearsal & mass on Saturday, two masses on Sunday. Busy week. On Saturday, we both had a couple of private lessons to teach, sandwiched in between the rehearsal and the mass; fortunately, The Wife's parents were in town for the weekend to take care of the baby.

(This was ideal for them - they didn't really care about seeing us. They just wanted uninterrupted time with their grandson, and this work thing got us out of the way.)

But, that meant that, for most of the day & evening on Saturday, we didn't see the baby. When we finally got home, it was around 9:30PM Saturday night. The baby was grumpy, because he was hungry and tired and missed his parents. I picked him up when I got in & hung up my jacket, while The Wife was using the lavatory & putting away the milk she had pumped.

The Boy screamed even louder and struggled hard to get out of my hands.

This is something he's been doing for about a week now. When he doesn't want to be held, he arches his back and starts to roll his body. When he wants to be held by someone else, he initiates a full body dive towards that person, with hands outstretched (sometimes). He yells out and sometimes cries as he stretches his body towards the person. He doesn't quite get the hands outstretched-thing yet, but he's not far from it. Saturday, that's what he was doing when I picked him up after I got home. Then later, when I picked him up to change him. Then later, when I picked him up to transfer him from his crib to our bed.

He was definitely in a Momma mood then. Big time.

Sunday? Different story. We got home around 1:30-ish in the afternoon, and The Boy was a Daddy's boy. He wanted food from Mommy, yes. That's it. He struggled and cried when he was done, until Daddy got him. Then, we played on his toys, rolled around on the floor for a bit and laughed a lot. It was a lot of fun for both of us; very sweet, also, when he began to nap on my shoulder, like he frequently does. Sunday, he was in a Daddy mood.

It changes, frequently. Even at night, when he's sleeping with us - at times, he wriggles away from me and wants to be held by Mommy. Two hours later, he wants some Daddy snuggles. I'm okay with that. My ego isn't SO big that I need constant baby feedback; I just want him to know that I'm there for him when he needs it.

Let nobody say that babies are stupid; ignorance of the world does not indicate a lack of intelligence. He knows what he wants, when he knows what he wants. Sometimes, he can get it from Daddy. Sometimes, from Mommy. Sometimes, from neither.

His third tooth is coming in - pushing through from the middle top. He's REALLY unhappy about it - last night was a miserable night for the poor dear. Today hasn't been so hot for him, either - he didn't take his naps until about 1PM-ish. He's still asleep now, an hour and a half later, with my wife, who's home on a mini-Easter break. It's been nice to spend the day with them - nicer still if I wasn't feeling so crappy. Anyway, I think I feel that tooth breaking through, on his right side of the two front teeth. Looks like Lil' Fang is going to get a matched set of chompers - I pity my wife's poor boobs.

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