Monday, March 17, 2008

One of those mornings...

The Wife left for work at her 6:30 usual time. The Boy and I hung out in the bedroom for a while, playing with his toys; he fell asleep around 7. Woke up fussy at 7:45 - VERY short morning nap, for his usual. (He's usually down for 90 minutes, at least.) Fell back asleep and slept fitfully until about 8:45. Changed diaper, had one of those weight-reduction poops - you know, where he's a pound lighter after his diaper's been changed?

Fed him half of a bottle before he lost interest. Played ADD-style for a little while - nothing entertained him for longer than about 30 seconds, and his playing was a little bit frantic. This means that he was rushed and banging on things, not really taking the time to explore them like he usually does. Started crying around 9:10 (him, not me). I figured out that he had pooped again, another weight-loss-kind - I think he's back under 18 pounds again. Changed & cleaned him up - he's a little happier. Finished a little more of his bottle. Played some more, bounced some. Cried a lot. I put him down in his crib at around 1030 and he cried for a solid fifteen minutes before I picked him up again - it wasn't steady crying, or I'd have gotten him earlier. Made another bottle, which he drank in approximately a minute; fell asleep while drinking. Finished watching a tv show (last week's Jericho), then put him in his crib. Sat down, checked my e-mail, started writing this & he's now awake.

Gonna be one of those days.

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