Friday, March 28, 2008

Tough Day

What do you do with a baby that doesn't feel like eating (much), doesn't want to play with his toys, doesn't want to walk around, doesn't want to sleep and doesn't want to hear a story? Darned if I know. That's the kind of day it was today.

Granted, he did sleep - quite a bit, actually. Thankfully. Last night, I did crash in the spare room - scared the you-know-what out of my wife, who woke at her customary 5:30AM to find me missing. The boy fell asleep again at 7:30, woke at 9:15; grumped about for a couple of hours, then fell asleep at 11:15 until 12:30. He ate quite a bit, for him - a piece and a half of pear, half a piece of carrot chip, most of two little sweet potato chips and some milk from a sippy cup. We went for a nice, long walk, which might not have been the best idea - it's too warm for his jackets and too cold for just a sweatshirt, so he was grumpy and uncomfortable. Still, he does like getting out of the house and seeing people. We got back home with perfect timing - he had fallen asleep just when I opened the garage door. The door sounds like a bulldozer moving, and that woke him up. He ate some, then we both fell asleep until Mommy got home.

Still, he's been like that for the last couple of days. The doctor gave us an inhaler, but I'm kind of wondering, now, why he did that. Then again, I'm wondering a lot of things. Like, for instance: if the traditional asthma medication (albuterol inhaler, rhinocort, allegra D, asthmanex) doesn't seem to be doing much of anything, chest x-rays and examinations reveal no clogging, considering that I'm still having breathing / coughing issues, and the only thing that works is steroids (which reduce inflammation - not build muscle), then - maybe - I don't really have asthma, and some other condition is causing my coughing fits? That's kind of an earth-shattering revelation to me, if it's true; so much of my life has been spent controlling this "asthma" thing, that maybe... just maybe... if it's something else, that needs a little bit different lifestyle / medication to control...

Then, what do I have? And what does the boy have? And how is this inhaler plus $72.99 attachment going to help him?

Argh. I should have gone to medical school. I think I might have been watching a little too much "House" and "Scrubs" lately. The one thing that both shows agree on is that "WebMD" can be a dangerous tool with too little research and knowledge.

Baseball preview is coming up this weekend. Enjoy it.

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