Monday, April 14, 2008

History Lesson, part 2...

In order to blog in the same place, here's August 30, 2007:

The Boy was born on Thursday, August 30, at 3:04PM, weighing in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces. Mommy & Baby are doing wonderfully - The Wife is such an amazing woman, going through an induced labor and delivering a LARGE baby without the benefit of any medication or pain relievers, save for her husband's hand. Labor lasted approximately 14 hours, with only the last three hours getting bad... all in all, we were really goddamn lucky and ecstatically happy.

The baby, at this point in his life, is an absolute genius. I can tell this. How? Many ways... he made a perfect latch on the boobie the first time he tried. He doesn't cry when his daddy holds him. He loves his mommy's singing voice already.

Plus, he looks like a little burrito when swaddled. "Get in my belly," indeed!

And now, from August 31:

Baby, day two.
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Spent three hours at the hospital before returning home to let Grandma have a "shift". I'd be there now, but there's a dude coming to pick up a couch we're giving away, and considering that I want to get rid of the (darn) thing, I'm not leaving for a while.

Changed two diapers - one a little damp, one not so much. I sang to him - man, I can't believe that I'm blanking on so many words to songs. He liked "Lida Rose," with me singing Director (you know, the coolest part in any given section), he liked "God Bless The Child," but he didn't like "Love Me" so much.

He definitely likes the booby, though... in that, father and son are one. 8)

Geez, I am so lucky that I married such a wonderful, beautiful, strong woman!

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