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History Lesson, part 3

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I’m a >REAL< father now.
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Day 3 highlights -

Changed my first poopy diaper last night. Actually, it's the first poopy diaper - and about the second or third total - that I've ever dealt with in my entire life. I think it was still lots of meconium, which is the stuff in the digestive tract as the baby is gestating.

(Side note - Meconium would be a great name for a stupid person. I've already met kids named Sh**head - pronounced Shih-thee-ad - and Chlamydia. Why not meconium?)

It wasn't as bad as I thought, which is a good sign for later on. The hardest part, for me, was keeping his feet out of the poop as I was cleaning it up. He's a squirmy one, as evidenced by the fact that he's rolling himself onto his side already - which shouldn't happen for a couple of weeks, I'm told.

I burped him a few times. He's surprisingly good at belching, which he gets from my side of the family. We May boys can burp with the best of them.

We brought him - and Mommy - home today. He fussed a bit when I was strapping him into his car seat, but was out like a light before we got out of the hospital parking lot, and he slept all the way home. My father videoed the leaving of the hospital, loading in the car... he got a late start out from the hospital, so I had to delay arriving home.

Yes, this means that my boy visited the comic book store before he visited home. A little Dorkling, like his father.

He's in his crib in his room right now, which he seems to be taking to quite nicely. So far. Everyone else in the house is asleep except for me - I don't really feel like it right now, which I might regret later. I do want to work out today, which shouldn't be a big deal. Molly can handle him for the hour that I'm lifting.

(Hopefully, the exercising won't change over time. I really feel like I need it to stay healthy, besides the vanity issues. It's not being selfish, I hope - baby needs me healthy, not just existing.)

Ian Kennedy, meanwhile, is making his first start for the Yankees. He doesn't look much older than David does. The Yankees now have a 21 & 22 year old in their rotation, and a 21 year old in a prominent part of their bullpen. Who'da thunk it? If you said that a few years ago, I'd say you were an idiot.

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