Sunday, April 13, 2008

Monster Mash

Friday night, The Wife was at a school event - the re-dedication of the school auditorium, which was rebuilt over the past year or so after several years of fund-raising. They did a nice job on it. I saw it a few weeks ago, when The Boy and I stopped in for a surprise visit. One of her orchestras played as part of the "pre-game" ceremonies, and they returned later in the evening to play in a massed group.

The Boy and I stayed home, having no real role to play in the performance. My BFF, hereafter referred to as Frankenstein (because, in body shape and general dexterity, that is the pop culture figure that he most resembles), stopped by the house to pick up some boxes. He and his wife are selling their house in eastern Pennsylvania and moving back to north central New Jersey, and I just happened to have about two dozen empty cardboard boxes taking up room in the garage: the boxes for the high chair, the new car seats, and a bunch of online Amazon boxes and such. This was stuff that he could use, so he came by to pick them up - and to grab a quick round of "Rock Band" on my PS3.

The Boy and I have spent about twenty days or so with Frankenstein and his wife since he was born, so he's not unfamiliar to The Boy. However, when Frankenstein walked in to the house, The Boy saw him and responded like Frankenstein was, in fact, the legendary monster.

He flipped.

I mean, full-bore, whole-body, oh-my-GOD schizo-psychotic break.

I mean, I was scared. Like, debating about taking him to the emergency room, because I thought he had an aneurysm. (Yes, I did have to look that word up. Thank you, google spell-check.) He was screaming back until he lungs were empty - and then continuing to scream without taking a new breath. He used to do that back when he was a few days old, but hasn't done that in quite a while. His entire body was rigid, except for his neck, which was bouncing his head back and forth in terror. His eyes were rolling around in his head, flashing from him to me to him to me, etc.

This is strange. He's never been TOO comfortable around Frankenstein before - Frankenstein is, like, 6'5" tall and almost that wide. He's not fat - he's not skinny. His shoulders are REALLY wide, his hips are wide and he's got feet the size of Volkswagons. He's just a big dude. That can't make a kid 29 inches tall too comfortable. But, he's never acted like that around ANYBODY.

I brought him into another room to calm him down and heated up a bottle, which he took. But, he wasn't able to be in the room with Frankenstein for longer than a couple of minutes without freaking out. Frankenstein stayed for a little while - we did play a little video game, when The Boy calmed down to occasional yips. Rock Band has singing, which The Boy tried to do with me, when he wasn't trying to eat the microphone. After F. left, The Boy was fussy and grumpy for a while, napped for twenty minutes, then was fussy and grumpy for a couple more hours until Mommy got home.

She tells me that he's never like that around her; a couple of days a week, he's fussy and grumpy for no discernible reason for me. I wonder if it's something I'm doing! This is one reason why I almost wish that The Boy could talk, so that I could hear what he's thinking and feeling. Then again, I'm in no rush for that, because he can't talk back and be the smart-a$$ that he's going to become, knowing his parents as well as I do.


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the mol said...

It's just because I'm the mommy. You're an awesome dad though.